Sun Protection Facts

Thanks for reading our Sun Protection Facts. All information on this page has been carefully fact-checked by Dr. Daniel Kadouch, our founding dermatologist and skin cancer expert (MD PhD).

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Why should my kids wear UV-protective clothing?

Most parents rely only on sunscreen to protect their children, applying it once and in too small amounts. To be completely effective, sunscreen should be generously reapplied every two hours and after every swim. That’s quite a task when you have excited kids ready to enjoy a long day by the water.

Children are particularly vulnerable to sun damage because the pigment cells in their skin are not yet fully developed. The good news is that special UV protective clothing is becoming a new trend among young parents today.

Look for UV protective clothing with a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protecting Factor). UPF 50+ offers the most protection and reflects 98% of the UV-B and UV-A rays. This is especially useful for days at the beach or at the pool.

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