How it works

  • Donate €2 per purchase

    With every purchase you make in our webshop, you automatically donate €2 to the National Huidfonds

  • Preventing skin cancer

    This fund is dedicated to preventing skin cancer and promoting healthy skin.

  • Direct support

    Your purchase directly helps support this important mission.

Our Commitment: The Sun Covenant

We have signed the Sun Covenant, an initiative that highlights our commitment to the fight against skin cancer. This covenant includes guidelines and goals for promoting safe sun practices and reducing the risk of skin cancer.

Why It Matters

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the Netherlands. By raising awareness and investing in prevention, we can save lives together. The Dutch Skin Foundation performs crucial work in the areas of education, research, and support for skin cancer patients. Your contribution makes a difference.

How You Can Help

  • Shop With Us: Every time you shop at Tenue Soleil®, €2 automatically goes to the Dutch Skin Foundation.
  • Share Our Story: Tell your friends and family about our initiative. The more people get involved, the greater our impact can be.
  • Stay Safe in the Sun: Follow our tips and advice on how to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.
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